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“On this day…the Saint Bartholomew massacre” in France…the killing of 4000 Protestants by the King of Spain

"On this day...the Saint Bartholomew massacre" in France...the killing of 4000 Protestants by the King of Spain

The King of Spain, Philip II, the Pope and some Catholics orchestrated a large massacre that claimed the lives of more than 4000 Protestants because of sectarian strife.
Which took place in France on August 24, 1572, during which up to 30,000 French Protestants were massacred by the Catholic authorities and “Catholic fanatics” by the most horrific means of killing.

Sources point to the Catholic Church’s complicity in the massacre On August 24, the church bells rang out, signaling the soldiers and volunteers from among the enthusiastic residents who spent the night waiting for that signal, an explicit order to start killing Protestants, but it sounded earlier than the time known for prayer. The Protestants felt the danger, and some of them fled outside the city or took refuge with their Catholic relatives, but these too were under attack. Those who could not escape were raided in their homes. They were killed at all ages. There are conflicting numbers about the victims, some of whom say they reach sixty thousand.

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