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Earth’s lungs are burning What is happening in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil?

Earth's lungs are burning What is happening in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil?

The most intense fire in decades Fire broke out in the largest forests in the world غابات الأمازون التي تُسمى “رئة الأرض”، to overwhelmlarge areas of it and inflict severe damage It caused local and global concern about the environmental disasters that the fire could cause

While international pressure continues on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to move to protect the Amazon rainforest and contain the massive fires that it has been witnessing for more than 3 weeks.

How did the Amazon fires start?

The fires were “deliberately” started after some farmers attempted to illegally clear forests for livestock Which is the biggest driver of deforestation in every Amazon country It represents 80% of current deforestation rates

Amazon Brazil It is home to about 200 million head of livestock It is the largest livestock exporter in the world It provides about a quarter of the needs of the global market

The Amazon rainforest has been fire-resistant throughout its history due to its natural moisture But NASA said drought and human activities are causing wildfires

A statement issued by the space agency said: “The intensity and frequency of droughts have been linked to increases in deforestation and human-caused climate change.”

What is the size and magnitude of the fire?

Many parts of Brazil were directly affected by the fire If NASA satellite images show fires in the Brazilian states of Amazonas And Rondônia, Parra and Mato Grosso In addition to Amazonas; The most affected state.

Thick smoke caused daytime power outages in more than 1,700 miles of Sao Paulo. The largest city in Brazil.

The city plunged into darkness around 3 pm on Monday This situation lasted for about an hour According to the local newspaper, Folha de São Paulo.

The state of Amazonas has also declared a state of emergency due to the fires.

Joselia Begorim said Meteorologist: The smoke did not come from the fires from the state of São Paulo But it was intense and widespread fires that lasted several days in Rondônia and Bolivia. The cold front changed the direction of the wind and carried this smoke to São Paulo.”

What is the importance of the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon is the largest rainforest on the planet It’s called “the lungs of the planet.” This is because it produces 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere

Has the Amazon experienced previous fires?

Forest fires are common in the Amazon during the dry season which runs from July to October It could be caused by natural accidents like thunderbolts But also farmers and lumberjacks are among the reasons They cut down trees in forests to grow crops or graze

Despite the possibility of fires during the dry season But this year it was worse than usual According to the National Institute for Space Research Which indicated that its satellite data shows an 85 percent increase over the same period in 2018

Official figures indicate that more than 72,000 forest fires were recorded in Brazil in the first eight months of this year – the highest number since 2013 – compared to 40,000 fires in the same period in 2018. According to the “BBC”

How do the Amazon fires affect the world?

The decline in the area of these forests represents a major threat to the entire planet And not just the Amazon region Because the disappearance of the Amazon rainforest will deprive the Earth of rainfall and expose the planet to more drought gradually This also affects the world’s weather

According to a 2012 study published in the journal Nature, the Amazon was responsible for bringing rain to the surrounding area and that “deforestation can reduce rainfall in nearby areas.

According to National Geographic, the cutting of trees in the Amazon will lead to the release of “massive amounts of greenhouse gases that are warming the planet.” As tropical forest researcher Adrian Esquivel-Muilbert told the magazine, “CO2 emissions will increase so dramatically that everyone will suffer”

Who is responsible for the fires?

Brazilian federal prosecutors say they are opening a formal investigation into rising deforestation and wildfires They will work to determine if there is a decrease in the monitoring and enforcement of environmental protection

Ricardo Melo confirmed The head of the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Amazon Program said the fires were “a result of the increase in deforestation observed through figures and data released in the recent period.”

Since the outbreak of the crisis Environmental experts blame the Yemeni Brazilian President Bolsonaro, They accuse him of encouraging loggers and farmers to cut down trees, which led to the loss of part of the forests in the Amazon region.

Previous Brazilian governments have managed to reduce deforestation through the activities of federal agencies and the imposition of fines on violators. But President Bolsonaro and his ministers have criticized the sanctions.

After accusing him Bolsonaro said this is a war his government is facing NGOs accused of setting fires He even accused the Brazilian scientific agency of lying about the level of deforestation and of trying to undermine the government

What is the reaction of the international community?

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres launched on Twitter Campaign to Save the Amazon Expressing “deep concern” about the fires in the world’s largest tropical forest

Guterres said: In the midst of a global climate crisis We cannot afford to damage a major source of oxygen and biodiversity.” He demanded to “protect” the Amazon rainforest.

from his side French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that he will discuss with the leaders of the Group of Seven at their summit in France next week the issue of fires, which he considered an “international crisis.” According to what was reported by “France 24”

The French president tweeted, “Our house is on fire virtually. Amazon rainforest The lung that produces 20% of the oxygen on our planet is on fire. “It is an international crisis,” he added, calling on the G7 member states to “Discuss this urgent urgent issue in two days”

In the face of this “tragedy” Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno has offered his Brazilian counterpart to send three units of firefighters specializing in forest fires.

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