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Brazilian army begins fighting forest fires in the Amazon

Brazilian army begins fighting forest fires in the Amazon

European leaders threatened on Friday to end a trade deal with South America, reflecting mounting international concern and anger with Brazil as record fires in the Amazon rainforest deepened a growing environmental crisis.

Facing a wave of international condemnation, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro mobilized the army to help fight the fires as his administration launched a diplomatic offensive to try to mend ties. The administration of President Donald Trump said it was “deeply concerned” by the bushfires, which are now expected to come up for discussion at a summit meeting of Group of Seven leaders in France at the weekend. Brazilian business leaders have warned that the angry reaction to Brazil’s environmental record could thwart its attempts to join the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which includes 37 developed countries and whose support many institutional investors are keen to obtain. The governor of the Amazon state of Roraima said Bolsonaro, stunned by international outrage, had signed an order to send in the Brazilian army to fight the fires. Brazil distributed a 12-page memorandum, seen exclusively by Reuters, to embassies, in which it included data and statistics defending the government’s reputation in the field of the environment.

If a foreign prime minister does that at Buckingham Palace.” Another wrote: “They don’t seem to teach good manners at Eton (a prestigious British university that Johnson graduated from).” In France, one user commented on Twitter: “These are class actions. In Britain, in the style of Boris Johnson. Another French user said: “You see how the Queen sees what happened.” And politicians in Britain did not see the humorous side in what the British Prime Minister did.
Alistair Campbell said,, Director of Communications in the Office of Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, It is embarrassing for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to take this long to meet the German chancellor and the French president and then put his foot on the president’s table.”
He added: “Maybe it seems a frivolous act, But it shows a lot of arrogance and disrespect.” But Tom Rayner, Sky News reporter, He said it was no more than a joke between the two leaders.
The French media also highlighted this event.
The headline of the French newspaper Le Parisien: “Reactions on the Internet are often hasty – and sometimes exaggerated.” Boris Johnson did not insult France by placing his foot on a table in front of Emmanuel Macron.” Who is Boris Johnson, who is of Turkish descent? The newspaper pointed out that what happened was a mutual banter. She added: “Reactions on the Internet are often hasty – and sometimes exaggerated.”
The French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur also focused on the humorous side of the event. In the eyes of the French media, at least , It seems that the prime minister has not gone beyond the bounds of decency.

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