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Our Specialties

The Egyptian Group for Legal Works has specialized in the following purposes:


It is the new system of litigation and the preservation of rights for individuals and institutions without resorting to the judiciary in order to avoid the long periods of litigation and the large number of its expenses, which makes the slow justice unfair and a heavy loss, which the Egyptian group had to specialize in, as it has a select group of consultants who possess legal expertise, negotiation skills and briefing All international laws as well as proficiency in foreign languages are what qualifies them to do so.

intellectual property

With the spread of the phenomenon of artistic piracy - especially in recent times - where the incidents of imitation and forgery of artistic works have spread, which contradicts the human right to the product of his mind, thinking and mental innovations

International Contracts

International contracts are contracts of a special nature because of the conflict of laws and what they require from the skill of drafting, negotiating and dealing with all the different assumptions and guaranteeing conflicting rights.

Studies and Research

The Egyptian group undertakes all legal research and studies, as well as drafting laws and all legal research.

Banking business

We also specialize in all banking procedures to protect your investments, in addition to all litigation procedures before courts of all levels and types.

Criminal lawsuits and debt collection

We also specialize in criminal cases of all kinds, especially checks, debt collection and the implementation of judicial rulings inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt

Other legal work

We also do all other legal work of any kind or location. For all this, the group employed all its energy and experience to welcome and respond to all legal inquiries in various legal aspects, whether local or international, to help in all kinds of problems