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The strangest laws in the world

The strangest laws in the world

Contrary to the traditional laws issued by states, which in many cases are dry or unfair against their citizens There are some laws that are considered strange and actually exist Of which:

  • The Australian state prevented its citizens from wearing dark-coloured and rubbery clothes or shoes while walking around at night. It is forbidden to clean any kind of wound in front of children’s eyes.
  • A strange law was passed in Russia also that prevents people from eating snow in both May and June In addition to this law There is another law that prohibits the use of bread to wipe the mouth after eating.
  • And if you go to Austria You should know that eating ice cream in front of banks is one of the things that are forbidden there It also prevents you from sleeping if you fell asleep in the commercial markets.
  • As for England The strange law in it is the law that prohibits anyone over the age of 10 from walking naked on the road
  • There is a law in Burundi that does not allow the dumping of dead people in the streets.
  • It is among the laws of animals A law in Norway prohibits the castration of animals, whether dogs or cats.
  • And in Thailand Everyone must wear their underwear before leaving the house.
  • If the owner of the house wants to change the interior or exterior paint of the house He must first go to the special government departments and obtain a license that allows him to do so.
  • And at festivals A law was passed in Germany prohibiting attendees from using masks to cover their faces This is due to germs and bacteria that abound in such celebrations.
  • A law was passed in Greece prohibiting anyone who loves electronic games from playing them in public places, with the exception of casinos Anyone violating this law will be fined up to 10,000 euros
  • And in the strangest laws Finnish law for taxi drivers that prevents them from playing music if they are carrying passengers
  • And in Switzerland It is forbidden for citizens to shower in the late hours of the night, specifically from ten o’clock and above In this context According to this law An Italian man who loves to shower at night and sings while showering has been deported An alert was issued to him after the police received a complaint from his neighbors When he did not comply, a decision was issued to deport him
  • In Swaziland, women are forbidden to wear trousers And if a woman wearing pants is noticed, she will be punished immediately It could even be torn by representatives of the security services

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